Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chicken Fajitas

Quick. Easy. Gorgeous. Reasonably health but they feel like guilt ridden fast food, which is a lovely combination.

2 Chicken Breasts; 3 peppers (any colour); 1 onion; 1 Fajitas Kit
Fajitas Kit; flour torilla wraps, seasoning mix, salsa

20 minutes start to finish

First, an important point. There is absolutely no shame and no compromise on quality if you buy certain ingredients pre-made or pre-assembled. Often this saves both time and money.

So for this I would always buy a Fajitas Kit. If you can't find one the kits they just contain a pack of tortilla wraps, salsa and seasoning. If you buy a full jar of salsa, it's likely to sit in the back of the fridge sticking to the shelf. The kits are less than £4.00.

Put a slug of oil into a wok, turn on the heat. On a plastic chopping board cut up the 2 chicken breasts into short strips, about the size of your forefinger. Add to the wok or pan. The chicken should sizzle but not spit.

TIP: once you have added the chicken to the pan, IMMEDIATELY put the knife and chopping board into the sink, cover with washing up liquid and add boiling hot water. I am not a 'cleanliness fanatic' BUT the bad bacteria passed between utensils used on raw chicken, then used on other food can lead to quick, serious illness. If you remember nothing else about food preparation hygiene, remember this.

NOW wash your hands.......and relax again

On a separate chopping board, cut up the peppers and onion into small pieces. Add them to the chicken. Stir everything. Turn the heat down and cover with an upside down pan - to act as a loose lid or cover. Do stir every couple of minutes but let everything simmer for a good 15 minutes.

For each person have a bowl for your mix, a plate for the tortillas and a little bowl for salsa.

When the chicken mix is cooked, turn the heat off and finally take your flour tortillas. These are done very last thing because they get cold quickly.

TIP: Separate them from one another before you heat them, otherwise they will stick to each other. Put them into a plastic carrier bag (honestly) fold over the end of the plastic bag, don't tie it. Put them in the microwave for 10 seconds. Done.

If you use cling film to heat the tortillas you will burn yourself, everything else is too fiddly.

Dish up the chicken mix and divide the tortilla wraps. Assemble by putting the chicken mix in the middle of the wrap, add a nice plop of salsa, wrap it up TIP: always tuck in the bottom up first, then fold over the sides, that way the juice won't drip all over you.


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